New training course on EXPERTS: create sparks with Maya and shoot for the stars!

This training course is designed to make you conversant with Maya as quickly as possible

Are you ready to master “one of the best 3D-modelling software solutions around,” as our expert, Erwan Davisseau has described Maya? Thanks to this three-hour e-learning course dedicated to Maya, you’ll bolster your modelling and texturing skills.

In the first part of this training course, Erwan Davisseau invites you to delve into Maya theory and practice by exploring all of the software solution’s features. Like the light side of the force, all will become clearer and make sense to you: its operational logic, its interface, its subdivision system, its texture coordinates… and much more!

In the second part, you’ll have an opportunity to study a tangible modelling project and discover the power of shortcuts. Get ready to become a devotee of the Maya fan community. For starters, of course, you can expect get a warm welcome from our expert, Erwan.

Are you looking to propel your creativity at warp speed and achieve galactic professional heights with Maya? This training opportunity is not far, far away. In fact, it is accessible right here on our EXPERTS learning platform, which is exclusively reserved for staff at studios with membership in the QFTCLa Guilde du jeu vidéo du QuébecAlliance Québec Animation (AQA) and Xn Québec.

As an added new feature, the platform is also accessible for one year to students who have graduated from a digital-creation study program at a public higher-education institution.

Combining practice and theory: a path dedicated to innovation in both industry and research

Prior to becoming a professor at Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue (UQAT) in creation and new media, Erwan Davisseau could be found on the cutting edge of the Video-Gaming Empire. Over a 15-year span, this driven 3D creator developed and marketed roughly ten video games worldwide as an artist, team leader, and artistic producer.

Naturally, the Empire continues to guide Erwan and enrich his journey: “My career is geared toward university research, and I keep on top of industry practices.” As a result, he is pursuing – as passionately as ever – further development and innovation in modelling, sculpting, and texturing. “Because I love it,” he says, putting it in a nutshell, still as determined as ever to shoot for the stars and beyond!

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